Introducing Uplift Bear

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Uplift Bear

I have decided to start a new company that extends from my personal brand…
And I am calling it Uplift Bear!
Uplift Bear is a motivational lettering company that aims to empower you through one-of-a-kind, inspirational artwork, products, and storytelling.
Some of my main goals in launching this new company are
1. To tell inspiring true stories that can help make a difference and create real change in the lives of many people
2. To build long-lasting partnerships with companies that I admire and want to work with
3. To fulfill my dream of one day having a product of mine reach the shelves of a major retailer such as Target, Walmart, or Hobby Lobby
I also plan on sharing never-before-seen processes with you.
Things such as…
How I design my artwork (from beginning to end).
How I make, package, and ship my products.
And how I manage to do all of these things outside of working a full-time day job.
I have A LOT of things marked down on my to-do list and at the very top of it was creating this brand.
And I have to admit, it feels good to check this one off the list!
If you would like to join me for the ride and follow me on this journey,
You can find me here at  
Now, let’s see if we can’t make some magic happen, aye? 
Here’s to the next chapter!


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